Monday, December 12, 2011

GenPub's prelim prep work

Prelim viewers from the general public, of which I am one, have to report to the Willowbank Building on Holmes and Willowbank streets between 5:00-7:00am to check in. From there, we can enter the courthouse between 7:45-8:15am. If you’re not familiar with Bellefonte, the Willowbank building is, according to Google maps (see below) a 0.6 miles walk from the courthouse. The distance isn't too far but it's up a steep hill, some of the sidewalks are out, and its a busy and narrow road. I realize the court employees have bigger concerns than how the genpub will get around, but it does complicate things.

My plan is to park at Willowbank around 6:00am, sign in and get the papers they’ll have for me about “decorum” and then drive to somewhere around Linn Street. I used to live on Linn so I know the alleys and side streets well.

Although reporters can tweet from the court room, the genpub cannot. I will, however, be posting photos from outside the courthouse and can give updates during the recesses.

The genpub has been told that there will be an area outside the courthouse where we can gather to be interviewed. Although I doubt I would do it anyway, a bout of laryngitis will prevent me from speaking on camera. If you see any live shots and notice someone in a blue sweater popping cough drops, that's me.

I'm excited about going because this case has really gotten under my skin, but I feel so bad that the victims have to go through this. I hope they aren't on the stand for too long and that Amendola backs off. It is just preliminary, it's not like anyone expects the charges to be dropped.

I keep expecting to get an email saying that Sandusky waived it and the hearing is cancelled. But since it's not coming, I'd better head to bed. My 4:30am wake up call will be here soon.

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