Monday, December 19, 2011

The short prelim recap

The preliminary hearing, if we can still call it that, was painfully short. I don't care what Amendola says, they could have waived it the night before. Some of the victims were, in fact, there and had to sit in the same room with Jerry Sandusky. I can only imagine who stressful and emotional the whole thing must have been for them and their families.

I was surprised by Sandusky’s demeanor during the brief time I saw him. I expected a typical "head held high" kind of approach. Instead, Sandusky looked rather befuddled in a Gomer Pyle kind of way. His shoulders were hunched, his head bobbled, and he walked like a kid who didn't want to go to school--resigned, but in no hurry. The whole thing was just, well, odd.

So I spent the rest of the morning taking photos of the media taking photos of the locals and lawyers. I overheard more than one cameraman complain about how they all came to Bellefonte for nothing.

But it wasn’t for nothing, it was for Joe Amendola’s big press conference! Nobody but Joe knew this ahead of time, but it didn't matter since he had enough time to spend with each and every journalist. I think he would have sat down and answered questions from me if I hung around long enough. He's definitely a brilliant guy, I'm just not sure if he's applying his smarts to the case or to his own career.

Anyway, here is a shot of the nice policeman who were ready to drop any bad guys who showed up. They were also on the roof for a while and were nice enough to wave at me.

This would have been a nice photo of Armen Keteyian from CBS if the guy with the nose issue didn't get in the way.

And my favorite. It's like a before-and-after but at the same time.

and compare to this one, taken by the pretty lady with her cell phone in the background of the above photo.

On a side note, I've mentioned this before, but Matt Lauer missed it since he's still calling the town "Bell a fon tay," which just sounds silly. Someone, please tell Matt that it's Bell font.

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