Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Prelim day

Check in at the Willowbank building was quick and easy. One unexpected change is that the genpub is not allowed to bring cell phones into the court house, even if it's turned off. That sucks since I won't be able to take photos outside during the recesses. I'm hoping to get a parking space close enough that I can grab the camera, take photos, and get it back to the car.

I counted 37 news vans including 29 big satellite trucks. At least fifteen stations are set up in the grass in front of the courthouse broadcasting live. Sadly, no Anderson Cooper. A lot of the media are complaining about the cold, which seems odd since most of them are from New York and D.C.

Genpub members have to wear a wristband and a badge. Without both of these, we won't be let in.

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